FutureNurse Project

#FutureNurse - Harnessing Our Future Talent, One Uniform At A Time

FutureNurse is a new and innovative project which launched in November 2018. It is a partnership between NHS Lothian, NHS Grampian, the Scottish Government, and the uniform provider, Dimensions UK. Aimed at younger children, it will address common stereotypes in Nursing, by widening current perceptions and tackling gender imbalance.

Can You Be A Nurse?

The project was initiated by Colin McNulty, Senior Nurse Manager at NHS Grampian.

Colin said: “If you look at a typical Nurse costume for a child, the uniform often comes with a cape and hat, even though these haven’t been the standard uniform for decades. The tools they have may be limited to a thermometer and a fob watch, suggesting Nurses do little more than take temperatures or measure pulses.

“The reality of modern-day Nursing couldn’t be further from this, but first impressions matter. If this is what very young children are learning about Nursing then they may decide it is not the job for them in years to come. As a Registered Nurse, I wanted to change the message.”

Primary School Events

A number of primary schools in Grampian and Lothian have taken part. At each school event, the children met Nurses from different fields of Nursing and were given their own little uniforms to try on for size. They also had the chance to use real nursing equipment, like blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes and thermometers and learned about the life-saving work that Nurses do.

Fiona McQueen, the Chief Nursing Officer of Scotland said: “This is a fabulous initiative devised and developed by NHS Grampian in partnership with NHS Lothian and local schools, to inspire the next generation of the Nursing workforce.

“I wholeheartedly support the approach to showcase the breadth and diversity of Nursing and Midwifery careers. We are delighted that Dimensions are able to provide gender-neutral child size tunics to challenge crucial early perceptions of what it means to be a Nurse.”

Resource Pack

A resource pack for teachers has been developed, which supports 'Curriculum for Excellence' aims. The resource pack is made up of interactive videos and play resources, including replica Nursing tunics. You can download some of the resources below: