Moving to NHSScotland from overseas

Scotland recruits ethically. We work within the confines of the Code of Practice for the International Recruitment of Healthcare professionals in Scotland.


Working in NHSScotland

To ease paths to recruitment and retain foreign trained Health Workers, the Scottish Government has submitted evidence to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) that has been upheld and resulted in relaxation of UK Government policy on migration. Both the UK and Scotland only shortage occupation list can be used by boards seeking to recruit internationally.

An occupation can be considered for inclusion, provided evidence supports three tests:

  • the occupation is skilled
  • there is evidence of shortage
  • it is sensible to use this route

Following a partial review of both the UK and Scotland-only shortage occupation list (SOL) in 2014, an extensive range of evidence, including the Information Services Division (ISD), survey responses and returns from each of the NHSScotland health boards a case was presented for a number of medical occupations to be placed on a Scotland-wide shortage list. The evidence was upheld by MAC and the UK Government endorsed the report.

The SOL contains the following health categories:

  • SOC 2211 Medical Practitioner – anaesthetics, all grades
  • SOC 2211 Medical Practitioner - paediatrics, all grades
  • SOC 2211 Medical Practitioner - specialist medical: obstetrics and gynaecology, all grades
  • SOC 2211 Medical Practitioner - psychiatry, all grades except CPT 1
  • SOC 2211 Medical Practitioner - clinical radiology, non-consultant, non-training posts and CT 3, ST 4 – ST 7 trainees
  • SOC 2211 Medical Practitioner - clinical oncology, consultant only
  • SOC 2231 Nurses – Specialist Nurse in neonatal intensive care units
  • SOC 2113 Physical Scientist – Medical Physicists

All our current vacancies are posted on the NHSScotland Recruitment website, where you will find the job description, entry requirements and application details for the role. Person specifications are also attached to all NHSScotland job advertisements. They set out the minimum requirements you'll need to be considered for individual NHSScotland jobs. Please ensure you have the relevant experience and qualifications before applying for a job.

If you are interested in training as a Doctor in Scotland, watch the Foundation Training in Scotland video at which includes interviews with Trainee Doctors.

Do you need a work visa?

If you are a British citizen, a Swiss national or a national of a country in the European Economic Area (EEA), permission from the UK Visas and Immigration Agency to work in the UK is not required.

If you’re from outside the UK or the EEA, you will need a visa to come to Scotland for work. You may also need entry clearance before you travel here. NHSScotland will not be able to get a work visa for an applicant if the post can be filled by a UK or EEA resident. We indicate in our job advertisements whether applicants from outside the UK will be considered.

For further information on work visas visit the UK Visas and Immigration section of the Home Office website.

Professional registration

Applicants for posts requiring professional registration must register with the appropriate regulatory body.

If you are registered in your home country, but do not have UK registration, some NHSScotland boards may provide support. The links below provide further information about regulation requirements:

 View all our current vacancies.