Pharmacy staff can work in pharmacies in various areas such as hospitals, General Practice (Doctor’s Surgeries), and in high street shops and supermarkets (community pharmacies).

Within the hospital setting, pharmacy staff work as part of a team of healthcare professionals on the wards and clinics, providing advice and support to patients on how to take their medicines. They identify the medicines patients were taking before admission to hospital and make sure they are still appropriate before they leave hospital.

Many pharmacy staff now work in General Practice where they see patients who need help with their medicines. They treat people with long term conditions such as asthma and diabetes or those taking a lot of medicines, often prescribing and checking the effect of their medicines. Community pharmacies are where patients and members of the public can buy over the counter products for coughs, aches and pains, get their prescriptions dispensed and receive lifestyle advice for better health, such as giving up smoking, losing weight and health eating.

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In NHSScotland, Pharmacists work in frontline services, providing expert advice on the safe use and supply of medicines.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians carry out specialised tasks, such as preparing and dispensing complex medicines safely for patients.

Pharmacy support worker

Pharmacy Support Workers prepare and supply medicines that make up a patient’s prescription.

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