Estates and Facilities

Estates and Facilities Services covers a wide range of different occupations and professions, from those focused on delivering patient services to those needed to maintain the equipment, buildings and estates within NHSScotland.

As a result, NHSScotland provides hundreds of opportunities for developing a career in Estates or Facilities Services.


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Catering staff

Catering assistants, chefs, cooks and catering managers help to prepare, cook and serve food to patients and staff.

Domestic Services staff

In NHSScotland, Domestic Services staff maintain clean and hygienic hospitals, health centres and offices.


In NHSScotland, electricians make sure that electrical systems, instruments and equipment are safe and in good working order.


NHSScotland employs Engineers for the construction of new buildings, hospitals or other health facilities.


Gardeners or grounds maintenance staff keep the outside areas of hospitals and other healthcare settings attractive and tidy.


Joiners make and repair wooden structures or objects, such as stairs, doors, window frames or items of furniture.

Linen support staff

Laundry and linen services help to ensure patient comfort while minimising the risk of infection.


Plumbers work on the maintenance and installation of plumbing systems.

Portering staff

Hospital porters take patients to different departments and move equipment around the hospital site.

Security staff

Security is very important in NHSScotland, from protecting patients and staff to property, facilities and valuable equipment.

Current vacancies

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