Allied Health Professions

Allied Health Professionals include a range of jobs such as Radiographers, Paramedics, and Physiotherapists, working in hospitals, clinics, housing services, people's homes, schools, and colleges.

Other Allied Health Profession Roles include Podiatrists, Speech and Language Therapists, Dietitians and Music/Drama/Art Therapists.

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Art therapist

Art Therapists help people express their feelings and emotions through art and creative activities.

Diagnostic radiographer

Diagnostic Radiographers capture images of the body that help to diagnose patients with illnesses or injuries.


Dietitians use their expert nutritional and dietetic knowledge to help people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.


Dramatherapists use drama to support clients, by helping them build self-awareness and self-confidence.

Music therapist

Music Therapists work with people of all ages, using music to help them make positive changes in their emotional wellbeing.

Occupational therapist

Occupational Therapists help people to carry out everyday activities, which are essential for health and wellbeing.


Orthoptists work with patients to assess and manage a range of eye problems.


Physiotherapists work with people to help with physical problems which affect movement.


A podiatrist (or chiropodist) diagnoses and treats a wide range of conditions associated with the foot and ankle.

Prosthetist and orthotist

Prosthetists fit artificial limbs, called prostheses. Orthotists prescribe support aids called orthoses.

Speech and language therapist

Speech and language therapists assess and support people with communication problems.

Therapeutic radiographer

Therapeutic radiographers are responsible for the planning and delivery of accurate radiotherapy treatments.

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