Lorna - Physiotherapy team leader, NHS Forth Valley

Lorna is a Physiotherapy team leader who works with adults with learning difficulties in the community.

Watch the video below to find out about Lorna's job as a Physiotherapist, her varied working environment and the patients she helps.

I’m Lorna. I’m a Physiotherapist. I work with adults with learning disabilities in the community. It’s a very rewarding job.

Some people are, what we class as profoundly, physically and emotionally disabled. And others are very able to walk about and have active jobs and things like this.

The environments that I see the patients in can vary. I often see them in their own homes, day centres, or gyms and also I’ve seen patients in hydrotherapy pools.

We help patients manage their conditions, whether it’s a long-term condition or a short-term condition, by educating them and showing them what can be done. Helping them understand what’s happened to them in the first place, often can help people improve and to give them an idea of how much they can push themselves to get better.

I was very quiet when I was at school. I think physiotherapy as a degree teaches you to be a bit more outgoing. You need to be interested in people, but you do need to be calm.

Working with adults with learning difficulties, there can be people who have very profound physical problems that are long-standing in nature. There are some challenges. A learning disabilities person might not necessarily be able to tell you where they’re in pain.

I think when you see that you have made a difference, that you have helped, that things are settled for a while and you look and think “well, I helped make that happen”, it can be very satisfying.