Alex - Apprentice Joiner, NHS Lothian

Alex is an apprentice joiner in NHS Lothian.

Watch the video below to find out how Alex started out as an apprentice in the NHS in Scotland and what a typical day is like for him.

My name’s Alex and I’m an Apprentice Joiner for the NHS. This is me in my first year. An average day would be going around fixing fire doors, looking at fire doors and see if they’re working, see if they’re closing properly, or fixing windows, usually checking cylinders on doors, making sure they’re all working perfectly well.

On my first year, I won’t be able to work on my own, as I won’t have any tools. On my second year, I should be able to work on my own. It just depends if I’m ready for that.

I enjoy being hands on, being outside. You’re always on your feet doing stuff.

I got an apprenticeship via MTS, Midlothian Training Services. It was a job that came up and I applied for it. I had to go through to Edata, to get an aptitude test, which is 40 – 50 questions on all work outside, measurements, area and space. You need to be able to pass that and you need to have a 95% pass rate.

If you know what you’re doing, or if you’ve done it before, it also helps when you get in to the trade. So any previous experience usually helps.

After my 4 years, I get qualified as a Joiner through the college and through the NHS.

The NHS is a good place to work, because you’re always on your feet, you’re always hands on. You always have work to do. You’re always supported with what you need, if you need any tools. It’s a really good job to be in and I’m happy I went in to it and I’m happy I got in to it.