Teachers and careers advisors

This website contains lots of information either for you to improve your knowledge of NHSScotland careers or to use with clients and young people. We’re the largest employer in Scotland so there are hundreds of opportunities available in a huge range of careers. It’s not just doctors and nurses!

Using this website

Use the Explore our Careers section to search through every job role.

You might find the following sections particularly useful:

  • Apprenticeships – this section tells you all about Foundation and Modern Apprenticeships, and has links to all current NHSScotland apprenticeship vacancies.
  • Work placements – find out more about work placements, and what young people can expect to gain from a work placement in the NHS.
  • NHSScotland values – it’s important that staff working for NHSScotland share our values.

Looking at our job profiles

Here’s a brief description of what’s in each job profile to help you find what you are looking for:

The role – this provides an introduction to the job, giving a description of the role and an outline of tasks or activities involved.

Entry requirements – in this section, you'll find information about the specific courses, entry requirements, links to colleges or universities and further advice. Remember, it’s always advisable to contact colleges and universities directly about specific entry requirements.

Skills, interests and abilities – this section will help you to work out which jobs could be a ‘match’ for your student or client, by listing the skills and abilities which are most useful.

Learning and development – we know that teachers, careers advisors, and young people like to know how they can progress and be developed in a career. This section contains information about professional development and learning opportunities for staff.

Modern Apprenticeships - where relevant, this section provides information about Modern Apprenticeship programmes, which may be an entry route a job.

Professional organisations - this section lists organisations and professional bodies associated with specific roles.

Lesson plans and further resources

We are developing materials for teachers and careers advisors to use with young people…coming soon.