Allied Health Professions

Allied Health Professions include a range of jobs such as Radiographers and Physiotherapists, working in hospitals, clinics, housing services, people's homes, schools and colleges.

You will need academic qualifications and the training demands are high. But, you will gain job satisfaction and excellent career prospects as an Allied Health Professional in NHSScotland.

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Art therapist

Art therapists help people deal with issues and emotions by helping them to express themselves through art.

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Dietitians use their expert nutritional and dietetic knowledge to help people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.

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Dramatherapists use drama to support clients, by helping them build self-awareness and self-confidence.

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Music therapist

Music therapists work with people of all ages, using music to help them make positive changes in their emotional wellbeing.

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A podiatrist (or chiropodist) diagnoses and treats a wide range of conditions associated with the foot and ankle.

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Spiritual Care

Chaplains promote, facilitate and meet the spiritual wellbeing of health and social care service users, carers and staff.

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