NHSScotland is committed to making this website accessible and usable to everyone. Information to help you use and access information on the site is available below.

How to change the way the site looks to help readability

The website has been built using cascading style sheets (CSS), which allow visitors to the site to make certain changes to the way the site looks, for example:

  • the size of text can be changed
  • the colours of the site can be changed
  • screen magnification can be employed

For information on how to make these changes, please visit the BBC's website "My Way My Web", which provides lots of help on changing settings to suit your needs.

Finding your way around the NHSScotland Careers website

All pages on the site contain a link to the home page, this can be accessed by clicking the 'NHSScotland | Careers' text in the header. All pages include a search box, so you can add keywords to help you find a page on the website. Breadcrumb navigation is also available on all of the site's internal pages, which will help users retrace their steps through the site. A sitemap can also be found in the footer of every page.